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Books from Finland
Tove Jansson's books are published in Finland in both Swedish (their original language) and Finnish. Schildts publishes the Swedish editions, and WSOY publishes the Finnish. Finland can boast the largest selection of Moomin books in print.
What's missing
There are dozens of Moomin editions published in Finland that I don't yet own. Shipping rates from Scandinavia to the UK are expensive, so it's hard to build this part of my collection.
Shopping for books
Schildts - Tove Jansson's original Swedish-language publisher
WSOY - Finnish-language publisher
Akateeminen Kirjakauppa - Academic bookstore in Helsinki, offering a large selection of new books
BookPlus Kirjakauppa - Another online bookstore (in Finnish and Swedish) with a broad selection - A further Finnish Online bookstore
Swedish Schildts Moomin editions
Kometen kommer
Trollkarlens hatt
Muminpappans memoarer
Sent i november
WSOY Finnish Moomin editions
Taikurin hattu
Vaarallinen juhannus
Näkymätön lapsi
Muumipappa ja meri
Swedish Schildts Mumintrollet Comic Strips
Mumintrollet 1
Mumintrollet 2
Miscellaneous books from Finland
Muumilaakson Marraskuu
The Moomins and the Great Flood
Who Will Comfort Toffle?
Moominvalley: From Stories to a Museum Collection
Moomins at Arabia: Stories in Ceramics 1957-2005
Småtrollen och den stora översvämningen
Vid min svans! Tove och Lars Janssons tecknade Muminserie