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Places to shop online
  • Akateeminen Kirjakauppa
    This online bookstore, based in Finland and accessible in Swedish and Finnish, hosts a wide variety of Tove Jansson / Moomin books in many languages. In the site's Tarkennettu Haku (Search) page, enter "Jansson T" in the Tekija (Author) field, and look for items marked as Kyllä (available). You can enter credit-card details in a form on the site, and their customer service people can manage your transaction by email in English.

  • Amazon (UK / US / Germany / France / Japan / Canada)
    Amazon's websites each feature a slightly different selection of Tove Jansson books, both new and second-hand. The French site currently lists fairly few books, but French-language books can still be found on the Canadian site.

  • Ebay
    Ebay is the best place to find rare and second-hand Moomin books. Recent listings have included copies of the 1957 Moomin 1 picture book, UK hardback first editions of Comet in Moominland and Moominvalley in November, and even books signed by Tove Jansson.

  • Abebooks
    I discovered this site in autumn 2003, and it's pretty unique: It has a large and persistent selection of Moomin books. Currently (in November), prices range from $1.00 (for ordinary paperback editions) to $5,000.00 (for a signed Swedish first edition of Moomin, Mymble and Little My.

Places to visit offline
  • Moomin Museum in Tampere, Finland
    This excellent site is a great guide to the musem dedicated to Tove Jansson in the Finnish town of Tampere. The museum is widely praised, and houses many original illustrations, seasonal exhibitions and 3D features including a five-storey model of the Moominhouse. One day I'll manage to visit this museum!

  • Moominworld in Naantali, Finland
    The Moominworld theme park in Naantali is more commercial than Tampere's museum, and their rather flashy website reflects this. Reviews have said the park is good to visit with children, though recent postings on the Moominvalley message board have suggested that the non-commercial parts of the park are becoming neglected.

  • Sort Of Books
    Sort of Books is a relatively new UK publisher with a small selection which happily includes several titles by Tove Jansson! Sort Of has published The Summer Book and a very accessible new translation of The Book About Moomin, Mymble and Little My, and will soon be releasing Who Will Comfort Toffle?. Their site includes numerous resources and information about Tove Jansson and her work.

  • Drawn and Quarterly
    Drawn and Quarterly is a publisher of comic collections and graphic novels, based in Canada. They will be publishing the new collection of Moomin Comic Strips, starting in September 2006.

  • Schildts Förlags Ab
    Schildts is the publisher of Tove Jansson's original Swedish works in Finland; they also publish books about the writer's life and work. Their site features a good summary of Tove Jansson and The Moomins.

  • Moomin Voices
    Not exactly a publisher, but close: Moomin Voices is a site by Mika Pohjola devoted to his album of Tove Jansson's songs put to music. Sheet music, information about live concerts and clips are available on this site.

  • Arabia of Finland
    I'm not a fan of the Moomin merchandise that gets produced these days - soft toys and so on. However, Arabia has produced some really nice mugs, plates and similar items featuring Tove Jansson's original Moomin illustrations, adapted by Tove Slotte-Elevant. You can't order on the site, but these items can sometimes be found in House of Fraser in the UK. Also in the UK, the Scandinavian shops Shannon (in Bath) and Schiang (in St Albans) both stock a great selection of Arabia and other Finnish products.

Official Moomin site
  • Oy Moomin Characters Ltd
    The company Oy Moomin Characters Ltd is the official copyright holder of the Moomin characters. This site includes info on Tove and Lars Jansson, Moomin characters and international rights, in English, Swedish and Finnish.

  • Moomin and Me by Shelley Jackson
    This May 2002 LA Weekly article is a fond, funny and perceptive analysis of Tove Jansson's Moomin novels by the author Shelley Jackson. It's accessible free of charge.

  • Undiscovered Country by Alison Lurie
    This 1992 article by the author and critic Alison Lurie covers four early Moomin novels and discusses their reception in the US. The article is hosted at the New York Review of Books site - downloading the full text costs $4.00 to non-subscribers.

Unofficial fan sites
  • - French site
    This rare, exhaustive French site documenting the literature of Tove Jansson contains biographical info, a complete bibliography of French translations, and a French introductory article on the author's work.

  • - Russian site
    This well-designed site by Leony Valentovich is the biggest Russian Moomin / Tove Jansson site - it contains a lot of resources: a long biographical section, extensive extracts from the Russian Moomin editions, and several reviews and articles. Highly recommended for Russian speakers!

  • Zépé's Muminforschung
    This recently-redesigned site is a fantastic resource for fans of Tove Jansson and the Moomins. It's in German so I don't understand all of it, but it's certainly still worth a visit for English speakers - it contains summaries of all books, information about picture books and comics, hypothetical timelines, a table of which characters occur in which stories, and much more. Highly recommended!

Message boards
  • Yahoo Moominvalley Group
    This message board is pretty active and sees a lot of interesting information being exchanged. Topics often include audio and TV adaptations of The Moomins in addition to the books themselves.