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Books from Norway
These books were all published by the Norwegian publishing house Aschehoug, though my edition of Solbyen was published 25 years before the Moomin editions!

I found Solbyen on the Abebooks site, while I bought the hardback Moomin books via the Norwegian online bookstore
What's missing
There are many other Moomin editions still available in Norway: Hardback and softback versions of the Moomin books and adult novels, along with the picture books and children's story adaptations.
Shopping for books - Norwegian online bookstore, with a broad selection
Aschehoug - Norwegian publisher, offering online ordering
Aschehoug Norwegian Moomin editions
Trollmannens hatt
Farlig midtsommer
Det usynlige barnet
Sent i november
Miscellaneous books from Norway
Mummitrollet og den magiske lampen